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1 review
The food was fresh and delicious! I ordered a pick up but the place was so welcoming that I ended up eating it at the bar. The spicy tuna roll was really good. Will definitely order again from this place!


Top Reviewer
Very high quality and fresh! Delivery was early and the driver was super polite. I am vegan and loved the pickled vegetable roll, sweet potato tempura roll, miso soup and inari.


1 review
Always a great spot to go to when hungry for sushi! Very great service and attention


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It was freaking delicious!!! Def get the chef specials. It was so so so good!!!!


Top Reviewer
Wow. This is some top tier delicious sushi. Recommend

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2 reviews
That was fabulous food! I couldnt be more impressed!
Best sushi in Bed-Stuy!
Everyone that gives this place less than four stars probably just moved to NYC and they also probably suck wet hotdogs.


1 review
I used to work at "the best sushi restaurant in Tampa" and the sushi from Seven Sushi cafe was just as good as what I'm used to, if not better! I also discovered Inari here, which was amazing.


4 reviews
The food was lit!!! It was fresh and delicious!!! The order was delivered on time. Absolutely will order food from here again. 100% recomended!


2 reviews
My favorite sushi spot! It's even better if you dine in, the omakase it's amazing as well as the prices. Excellent place.


Top Reviewer
I Loved especially the seafood salad, and also the salmon meat and fish were really fresh!

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